Gulf Oil Lubricants Dealership 2023 | How to Get Gulf Oil Dealership

Gulf oil lubricants dealership 2023. Nowadays, every person has their own vehicle which runs on fuel. For better engine performance, every vehicle needs a lubricant. I also have a bike in which I use the lubricant called Mobil. Without using Mobil, the engine doesn’t work perfectly and I face difficulties in driving my bike.

There are lots of brands in India which manufactures Mobil oil or lubricant and Gulf Oil is one of them. Gulf oil company provides the high quality lubricants at affordable prices so that the customers can easily buy it. When you use this lubricant in your vehicle or mostly in the bike, you will get a better performance. 

Now, Gulf Oil company provides Gulf engine oil dealership to the people to increase their business and get more sales. So, if you are interested in Gulf Oil lubricants dealership, then read this guide carefully. Here, I have shared the complete process to get a Gulf dealership easily. 

What is Gulf Oil Lubricants Dealership?

Before you are going to apply for dealerships, you need to know about gulf oil lubricants dealership. As we know, any company or Gulf oil company cant provide their products directly to the customers. It is because this process will cost lots of time and money. So, this company provides its franchise in which Gulf oil dealers get products from the company and sell them accordingly. 

With the help of the Gulf Oil lubricants franchise, the company can provide their products in any city or village where there is a high demand for its products. The company spends its saved time in collecting customer’s feedback and works regularly to improve the quality of products.

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What are the important parts in Gulf Oil Lubricants Dealership?

You will need lots of things to get a Gulf oil lubricants dealership in your city. 

  • Required Investment: As we know, any business can’t be started without any investment. So, you have to invest some amount of money to get a Gulf oil franchise. 
  • Land Area or Space Required: For gulf engine oil dealerships, you have to arrange a space to make a store and godown for storage. 
  • Documents Requirement: You need to prepare some personal and property documents to apply for a Gulf oil dealership. 
  • Workers Required: There will be a requirement of 3 to 5 helpers to start working with your Gulf engine oil dealership. 

How much is the investment in Gulf Oil lubricants Dealership?

There are lots of investments that you need to do to get a Gulf Oil lubricants Franchise. First of all, you have to arrange a space to build a store and warehouse to store the Gulf oil company products. If you have your own land or some space, then you can easily set up your Gulf oil lubricants franchise with very small investment. 

On the other hand, buying land and setting up a store from scratch will cost you too much. So, a better option is to rent a space and get a Gulf oil dealership on that space by paying some security fees and Franchise fees to the company. 

These are some investment ideas to get dealership of Gulf oil company. 

  • Land Area Cost: Rs. 7 lakh to 10 lakh rupees
  • Franchise fees: Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh rupees
  • Vehicle Investment: Rs. 3 lakh to 6 lakh rupees
  • Store and Warehouse cost: Rs. 4 lakh to 8 lakh rupees
  • Other expenses: On average 3 lakh to 6 lakh rupees

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How much Land Area Required to get Gulf Oil lubricants Dealership?

If you are also interested in getting a Gulf Oil Franchise, then you need to arrange some space to build a store and warehouse to keep Gulf Oil lubricants products. You need to choose the space at a good location where customers can easily reach your franchise and you can get good sales.

These are the space requirements for the Gulf Oil franchise. 

  • Godown space: 1200 sq. ft. to 1700 sq. ft.
  • Store Space: 150 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft.
  • Total Area Required: 1500 sq. ft. to 3000 sq. ft.

What are the documents necessary for Gulf Oil Lubricants Dealership?

You have to arrange some important documents to get the Gulf Oil Franchise. 

  • Address proof
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Bank passbook
  • 6 Passport size photographs
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Lease agreement papers
  • No objection certificate
  • Property documents with address proof

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How to apply for Gulf Oil Lubricants Dealership?

The process of getting a Gulf Oil lubricants Franchise is very easy through an online method. We have listed below the complete process to apply online for Gulf oil dealership. 

Apply Online for Gulf Oil Lubricants Dealership

Follow these steps to get Gulf Oil Franchise easily through online application.

  1. First of all, visit the official website of Gulf Oil Company.
  2. Visit the homepage of the website.
  3. Find Doing Business with Gulf option.
  4. Click on this option and then a new option named Submit an Enquiry will open on your screen.
  5. Now click on Submit an Enquiry button and then a new form will open.
  6. Enter your all details and mobile number carefully in the form.
  7. After filling the form, check all details carefully and then click on the submit button. 
  8. Now your registration is completed to get a Gulf oil dealership. 
  9. After some time, the company will contact you shortly regarding your application.

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Gulf Oil Lubricants Company Contact Number

If you are facing any kind of difficulty while applying for a Gulf oil dealership or want to know more details, then we have shared below the contact details.

Gulf Oil Registered Office

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited

IN Centre 49/50 12th road

Andheri East, Mumbai

Phone number: +91 22266487777

Fax: +91 2228248232

Gulf Oil Central Region

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited

TC 34/v2, First floor

Cyber Tower, Vibhuti Khand

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow – 226 010

Uttar Pradesh

Phone number: 0522 4935500

Fax: 0522 4004846

Gulf Oil website: click here

What are the products of Gulf Oil Lubricants Company

  • Automotive lubricants
  • Batteries
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Car engine oil
  • Bike Mobil oil
  • Gear oil
  • Grease
  • Brake fluids
  • Steering fluids
  • Coolants
  • Marine

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This was all about the Gulf Oil lubricants dealership. As we mentioned earlier, for the better performance of the vehicle, its engine should work perfectly. Every engine needs Mobil oil to work efficiently without damaging internal parts. Now every person uses heavy or light vehicles, so demand for Gulf Oil lubricants is also increasing.

If you have some experience in Oil company or you are just a beginner, then you can easily get Gulf Oil lubricants dealership. The company will provide your all products at wholesale price and you can sell those products by setting prices according to you.

I hope you enjoyed this post and get valuable information about the Gulf Oil Lubricants dealership. Share this article with your friends and family to let them know about this business opportunity.

People Also Ask

How much money do I need to invest in Gulf Oil lubricants Dealership?

You have to invest a minimum of 5 to 10 lakh rupees to get a Gulf oil franchise.

Is the Gulf Oil business profitable?

According to research, the demand for lubricants will increase by 44% in the upcoming times. So, getting a gulf oil franchise will help you to earn a good amount of profit.

Who owns Gulf Oil Company?

Eric Johnson is the President and CEO of Gulf Oil lubricants company.

Who is selected as a CEO of Gulf Oil India?

Ravi Chawla is selected as a CEO and managing director of Gulf Oil India.

What are the largest Oil companies in the world?

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Chevron
  • Shell

Who is selected as a brand ambassador of Gulf Oil India?

Currently, Smriti Mandhana, the Indian Cricketer is selected as brand ambassador of Gulf Oil India. She gets placed along with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Hardik Pandya who are also the ambassadors for Gulf Oil India company. 

How much is the profit margin in Gulf Oil India dealership?

Gulf oil company franchise gives you the profit margin of 2 to 3 %.

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