Open an SBI kiosk banking branch easily

Open an SBI kiosk banking branch easily

SBI kiosk banking, also known as SBI customer service point is just like a mini branch that provides many services like the main branch but in a limited way like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, account opening, passbook printing, etc. So, you can open a customer service point easily and can earn a good amount of income.

How to open an SBI customer service point.

To open an SBI CSP, you have to fulfill two eligible criteria, that is, infrastructure criteria and operator criteria. First, I am going to clear that you do not need a CSC id for opening an SBI CSP. So, you do not need to worry about CSC id, because 99% of SBI CSP don’t have a CSC id. It can take between 15 days to 1 month to open an SBI CSP. First, we are going to talk about infrastructure criteria. So, you need a 100sq.ft house with power back up like inverter or generator, so that work does not get stuck in the middle because of power failure. Along with that, you need a pc or laptop with a stable internet connection and a printer. Other accessories like biometric devices, ATMs, Card swap machines, etc. will be provided by your business correspondent of the bank. Now we are going to talk about another eligibility criteria that is operator eligibility criteria. So, an operator should be at least 12th pass and he should have basic knowledge of computer. There should not be any criminal record or any charge sheet against you because a district-level police verification is done. So, if you can fulfill all eligibility criteria, then you can easily open an SBI kiosk banking branch or SBI customer service point.

How can you approach a business correspondent?

First, we need to know that, what is a business correspondent? SBI bank never does any work directly with you. It works through an agent which is called business correspondent. The work of a business correspondent is to solve any bank related problem and they also provides essential accessories which we have discussed already. Along with that, business correspondent also provides commission to you. So, basically, business correspondent links the bank with you. There are many businesses correspondent companies which works for SBI.

You have to just approach them to open an SBI kiosk banking branch.

How to approach a business correspondent?

Every state and every district have different business correspondents, you just have to go on the official website of SBI and select your state and district and submit it. After submission, you can see a list of all CSPs of your district. Along with the CSP list, you can also see the list of business correspondent which works in your district. After that, you just need to google the business correspondent company and go to their official website. After that, you can contact them by using their contact information which is provided on their official website or you can visit their office. They will tell you the whole procedure. You just have to follow them. They will also mention the total duration taken by them to sbi bank mitra apply .

How much it will cost to open an SBI kiosk banking branch?

Many business correspondent companies do free installations and many companies charge for the installation. Their price range starts from Rs.10,000 to Rs.2,00,000. If any company is charging Rs.1 lakh or 2 lakhs, then they will also provide the bank ATM and furniture’s used in the office. It means facilities will be provided according to their price. If anyone is charging more, then he will provide more facilities and vice-versa. Choose wisely any business correspondent. First, make sure that, they will provide good customer support and there will be no delay or any cut in the commission.  Do proper research about that company and see their previous works. After seeing their previous work, if you are satisfied, then you can open an SBI kiosk banking branch easily.

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