Open mini branch of any bank very easily

Open mini branch of any bank very easily

Before talking about how to open a mini branch of any bank, we need to know that what is a mini branch. So, a mini branch is a small branch of a bank that provides almost every service but it has some limits like a limit in cash deposit or a limit in cash withdrawal.

To open a mini branch, you need to visit the official website of Bank Mitra CSP. You can apply for opening a mini branch of any bank by visiting this website. It provides many services like ATM installation, money transfer, kiosk banking, E-Corner, Bank Mitra CSP and, more CSPs. Everything is mentioned on their website. You will also need a house where the mini branch will work. Beware of frauds who tell you that they will open your mini branch on just a phone call. You need to verify these things. You just need to visit the bank or contact a business correspondent by applying online on Bank Mitra CSP’s official website. You just need to give your email id or phone number on that website. After that, they will contact you through your email or phone number. They will not demand any money directly on just a phone call. So, beware of that type of phone call and keep these things in your mind. You need to pay only in the business correspondent office.

Eligibility Criteria for opening a mini branch

To open a mini branch, you must have land where a mini branch will be opened. You will get a surely commission of Rs. 3000 per month, if you live in a rural area and more than Rs. 3000, if you live in an urban area.

Documents required for opening a mini branch

ID Proof– You should have id proof. It can be a Pan card, Aadhar card, driving license, passport, voter id card, or any id card issued by public authority.

Residential Proof– You should have residential proof. It can be your electricity bill, telephone bill, ration card, Aadhar card or, election card.

Business address proof– For business address proof, you just need an Aadhar card, if the land is yours. If it is not yours or you have rented it, then you will need the land record proof of that land.

Educational Proof– You should have at least a class 10th or class 12th mark sheet.

Character Certificate– For a character certificate, you must do police verification. It can be done online or offline.

Passbook copy/canceled cheque– For commission account details, you need a photocopy of your passbook or canceled cheque. If you do not have a passbook or cheque, then, you need to apply for a passbook or cheque.

Passport size photo- You will need 2 copies of the passport size photo.

IIBF Exam Certificate– IIBF means Indian institute of banking & finance. You will also need an IIBF exam certificate for opening a mini branch. You can get an IIBF exam certificate online by giving the exam of IIBF.

You can also get this information on Bank Mitra CSP’s official website in the useful helps section. If you have all these documents, then you can apply for a mini branch.

Required information you need to fill in Bank Mitra CSP website for applying for a mini branch

For apply for csp , you need to fill in your name, mobile number, email address, name of your village or city, state, and name of the bank of which you want to open a mini branch on Bank Mitra CSP official website in apply CSP section. After filling in the information correctly, you need to submit it. After submission, a ‘send successfully’ message will be popped up. You need to click on the ‘ok’ button. After following every procedure, you can successfully apply for a mini branch of any bank. If you do not have all documents, then, your application form will be rejected. After applying for a mini branch, you will get a call from them. So, you need to talk to them very carefully and give them the correct information, otherwise, your application form will be rejected. You can also call or email them. You can find their email address or phone number on their website very easily. This is how you can apply for a mini branch of any bank.

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